Brand : YingFa

1pc New Fashionable Pink Pet Dog Sunglasses Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Goggles (Pink-1)

Product Description:
Color: pink
Conditions:100% brand new and high quality

Doggles are more than sunglasses, they are goggles for dogs! Modeled after sports goggles they protect your pet’s eyes from foreign objects, wind and UV light.

* Fashionable eye protection for your dog
* Fun, yet functional design – total protection against UV, wind, water, & debris
* Wider nose bridge, deeper lens cup, & sturdier frames than other brands

* 100% UV Protection
* Keep out wind and debris
* Shatterproof lens, Anti-fog is available
* Protection & prevention are key to healthy eyes
* Foam cushioned frame
* Stylish and fun!
* Carrying case is available.
* Adjustable head and chin straps

Suitable for: Pet dogs,all types of working dogs,police dogs, search and rescue dogs, quarantine dogs,
guide dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, guard dogs, guard dogs, working dogs domains such as subway security dogs.

Package Included: 1x pet sunglass


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