Brand : Lovely Baby

3 Pack 3 Colors Fleece Pet Dog Blanket & Lovely Baby Best Puppy Blanket for Car,Couch,Bed & Cat soft,Lightweight, Breathable Blankets

Keeping your dog warmer and more comfortable starts with giving them a plush, breathable blanket they can enjoy.

Dogs come in a wide range of breeds, sizes, and even coat length, but all dogs have one thing in common-they love snuggling up with a good blanket. That’s why we created these adorable Lovely baby Fleece Dog Blanket perfect for keeping your dog warm and cozy at home, while you’re traveling in the car, or while they’re curled up in their very own bed. What’s more, they also help keep loose hair from getting on furniture or in your vehicle’s back seat when your canine is trying to find that perfectly cozy spot.

Product Details:

  • Polar Fleece Blankets
  • Lightweight, Breathable Comfort
  • Ultra-Plush Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Dimensions: 19½ inch x 27½ inch
  • Three Colors: Blue, Pink and Yellow
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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