Brand : Animals Favorite

Animals Favorite Dog Bed. Comfortable Round Pet Bed, 22×22-inches

Caring owners would agree that providing comfort for their dogs, and particularly for their rest and sleep cycles, is of the primary importance to them. Recovery is a big part for the dog to stay healthy and increase longevity.

Animals Favorite Dog Bed offers a super comfortable round-shaped pet bed that measures 22-inches in diameter and 6-inches thick.

Its stable design fits pets weighing up to 25 pounds.

The 100% polyester used to manufacture its cover is machine-washable cold, while its soft and comfortable construction contains most pet types and sizes well during the day and at night.

In our experience, some pet owners tend to buy beds that are too small for their pet. If in doubt, we recommend buying a larger size, so your pet can stretch out and fully extend in their comfy bed.



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