Brand : Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet Pack of 2 Winter Coziness Cool Tone Dog Sweaters with Stripes and Classic Cable Knit Pattern, Back Length 12″, Clothes for Dogs

Put those cool tone shades of dog sweaters on your furry friends with love and style this season! Those 2 sweaters would let your dog step into warmth and coziness during harsh winter walks. At Blueberry Pet, we totally agree that our furry friends just need the extra care and warmth during certain season like late fall and winter time. Let’s start with the striped sweater: various cool shades of stripes are knitted onto the grey background. The second one is a beaver brown cable knit timeless piece, which is definitely an everyday item that your royal friends could wear. Buying this value pack means you would get more options for the most active member in your family! The canine friends are all set to go!


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