Brand : Formosa Covers

Deluxe Quilted and Padded seat cover with Non-Slip Fabric in Seat Area for Pets – One Size Fits All 56″Wx94″L Grey

Pet seat cover size: 56″ width x 94″ L, Back height 23″, seat depth 20″, down to the floor and up all the way to the back of the front seat 51″ – Color: GREY – ULTIMATE Coverage: 1.) Covers the Seating, the floor up to the other side (this way your pet has more room to wander instead of just sitting on the seat) 2.) FOLD IT in half and Velcro together for single seating coverage, fits perfectly in the front passenger seat(just in case you have other passengers) 3.) Spread completely open to cover the back section of your SUV or TRUCK 4.)Side flaps to protect the side of your seats -Spun polyester fabric stitched with 75D polyester material underneath -Top treated with water repellent -Padded & Quilted for a classic look -Adjustable Straps with buckles to secure over head rests, Elastic Strap for the middle head rest, Velcro on all corners for multipurpose -Comes with 2 seamless holes for the safety buckles for easy installation and quick release. Three Non-Slip mesh strips on liner helps to keep cover in place. Extra fabric to tag into the seats for extra security – PERFECT for pet lovers! Eases the pain of unwanted pet hair in hard to reach crevices PLUS extra coverage so your pet isn’t restricted to only one area!


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