Brand : DogHelios

DogHelios 3-in-1 Waterproof Explorer Convertible Backpack,Dog Reflective Harness With Removable Saddlebags for Traveling Hiking Camping L Blue

Why need a Harness Backpack?
Whether you are hiking,camping or exploring with your dog,it’s not alway easy.On the one hand,some dogs are always hyper active even after long walks,your dog may get hurt if you leave it unattended under this circumstance,on the other hand,dogs absolutely have a sense of responsibility,they are immensely proud of bearing some necessities.This 3 in 1 harness and backpack will help you be prepared for any adventures while keeping your dog safe.

Why choose our harness backpack?
– Made of 600D high density NYLON OXFORD,both breathable and wear-resistant,and the widened and padded vest harness specially offers comfortable wearing and further protection for dog’s skeletal development
– Waterproof Oxford Material,durable,scratch-resistant polyester material outer layer,lightweight sandwish mesh soft lining,can protect the hiking necessities even in rainy day
– 3M Reflective Stripe and Leash,enhance the visibility of your dog in dark,keep your dog safe
– Adjustable Neck Girth,fit dogs of different bodily shape
– Proper Control,the long leash can reduce the walking limitation,while the handle on top can restrain your dog at your side when your dog come across dangerous

Small size:body length 7.5″,chest girth 17.75-22.875″,neck girth 15.75-18.875″
Medium size:body length 8.25″,chest girth 21.625-27.5″,neck girth 24.375-33.875″
Large size:body length 9″,chest girth 24.375-33.875″,neck girth 26.75-34.625″

Sizing guidelines may differ dog to dog.Please choose your size after taking every measurement listed on the chart,and take any other unique traits (large shoulders,long torso,etc.) into consideration.Please feel free to contact us if you need any help how to choose the right size.


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