Brand : Qingshan

Durable Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Boredom Small Dogs Green Rhinoceros

There are twelve models of cute animal and monster images, the inner of the cloth increase three layers of high-quality fabrics and tightly sewn with high toughness wire. Perfect combination of Environmental rubber and corduroy make it very resistant to bite and tearing, especially with the tension strap. It can accompany dogs for a very long time.
The toy has vanilla flavor spice,a natural nontoxic spice, helping dogs clean tone (it is a flavor, not a chemical smell, please rest assured).
A natural herbal spice, environmental non-toxic, will not cause harm to the dog.

Bass sounding device:
when the dog bites the toys, the toys send funny sounds. Bass won’t cause noise.

This product solves the problems of ordinary plush toys:
Short service life:
high-quality materials and a unique design ensure that the toy is not easily damaged by biting, so can accompany a dog for a long time.

Environmental protection:
High quality plush,through IOS9001 quality system certification, non-toxic substance, ensure clean of dog mouth and avoid dog eating plush.

According to customer’s feedback, the smooth surface of the ball is sticky slightly, so we modify the surface of the ball with a little stripes. The pictures will be updated soon.


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