Brand : E-sports

E-sports Durable Dog Toys, 6 Pack Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Everyone loves to play with their dogs. Show him or her some extra attention with these fun rope toys. They are built to be durable with high-quality cotton so that you and your dog will get great use and enjoyment from them. 
◊ Cotton rope with 2 knots: Length 9in  Weight: 1.83oz
-This toy are made of all-natural durable cotton fibers which act like floss, can help your friend clean the teeth and gums.

◊ Cotton knot ball: Diameter 2.76 in  Weight 3oz
-It is a good choice for chewing and throwing. Bring your dog a happy playing time and good dental health.

◊ Cotton rope with knot ball: Length 15 in  Weight 3oz.
-Chew Rope knotted into a cotton knot ball.Made from premium cotton-blend rope fibers. Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth when they chew and play.     

◊ Rope flying disc: Diameter 7in  Weight 2.5oz
-Made of canvas and rope.It is lightweight and can be threw far away.It can help to whip up your pet’s keenness and have fun with her/him.    

◊ Cotton knot carrot: Length 5.9in  Weight: 1.76oz
-Carrot shape rope, made of high quality non-toxic cotton. Contains actual dental floss twisted in with all-natural cotton fibers.

◊ Long cotton robe: Length 17.7in  Weight: 3.35oz
-A tug shape creating interactive play. Great for Puppy Small, Medium & Large Dogs.


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