Brand : Gudaco

Gudaco Pet Car Seat Cover – Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers for Well Protected Cars & Comfortable Pet – Use as Car Hammocks for Pets or Back Seat Covers for Dogs – Quilted, Non-Slip Design

Do you have to often leave your dog behind despite your willingness to carry him along with you on a trip,
and this is simply because you fear that the dog/cat might damage the expensive car seat or make it unhygienic for the other passengers who would use it later?

Are you looking for a car seat cover for your pet which is easy to install, easy to clean and has a design which goes well with the interior of your car?

Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits:


– Make your car pet-friendly and let him/her accompany you on a road adventure
– Helps Achieve Peace of mind – as you always know that your dog is comfortable & safe behind and so is the car seat
– Collects all the loose hairs and helps you keep your car clean – you can’t control the shedding of pets – it’s a natural process
– Waterproof design keeps your car seat safe against wet feet of the pet, mud or even the dog drools
– Super easy installation – 4 adjustable straps help secure the cover around the headrests and anchors help prevent cover from slipping off the seat
– Investment that’s a good value for money – durable, easy to use and elegant design
– Versatile – can be used to transport objects carrying lot of dust on the back seat without soiling the car seat, to protect the trunk or just as a protection below baby car seat
– Easy to clean and folds to a compact form for easy storage
– Easy to get the car ready for human passenger in minutes – simply remove the cover
– Premium packaging also makes it an ideal gift for any pet owner


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible Pet Car Seat Cover Delivered to you in Just 3-5 Days!


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