Brand : HiPaw

HiPaw Dog Boots Breathable Mesh Non-Slip Sole Outdoor Black For Summer

Package Include: One set of 4 boots, packing by PVC bag.
Allowance Error: 0.11 – 0.20 Inch.

Place your dog’s paw on paper and mark the length & width of paw.,incl the toe, nail. Measure all 4 paws. Use longest & widest measurement for perfect fit.
Note: Please measure your pets feet according to the way showing in description before purchase. In order to get the exact data, four of your dog’s paws need to be measured.

Completely unfasten all velcro straps. Pull opening of bootie wide, and guide your dog’s paw all the way to the toe end of bootie. Fit should be snug, much like a shoe, and may require some effort. Refasten velcro straps, and pull as tight as comfortable. Your dog may walk funny at first; this is completely normal. 

HiPaw’ Premium Dog Boots are built to protect your pooch’s paws from outdoor hazards while remaining flexible and comfortable. Take your dog for a walk in the warm sun, or for a stroll in the rain or snow and be confident that their paws will be protected from harmful elements. Trust the durability of HiPaw Dog Boots to protect your dog’s paws!


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