Brand : I See Spot

I See Spot’s Dog Pet Cotton T-Shirt Tank, Big Brother, XX-Large, Black

Made with the finest super soft cotton and a touch of lycra, the i see spot tanks help showcase your dog’s personality and mood with style. Please measure length from the back of the neck to the base of the tail. Weight is approximate. XX-small 5-inch-7-inch length, 1-2-pound; by small 8-inch-10-inch, 3-5-pound; small 10-inch-12-inch, 6-8-pound; medium 12-inch-15-inch, 9-18-pound; large 16-inch-19-inch, 19-30-pound; by large 20-inch-23-inch, 31-45-pound; XX-large 24-inch-28-inch, 46-64-pound. Not all style available in all sizes.


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