Brand : Lighting EVER

LE Ultra Violet LED Flashlight/Blacklight, UV LED Flashlight, 9 LED 395nm, Pet Urine & Stain Detector, 3 AAA Batteries Included, Find Stains on Clothes, Carpet or Rugs

Emits 395nm UV (Ultra Violet) wavelength. 9 LED UV FLASHLIGHT shows hidden dogs, cats, small animals etc pet urine, stains, odor and other unfavorable spots on carpet, rugs and clothes.
Multifunctional.Detect fake money, jewelry, collection and so on.
Help clean hotel room and your home.
Essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, HVAC repair and so on.
3 AAA batteries are required and included.
About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, focuses on creating the best lighting experience.
Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.


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