Brand : My Pets America

My Pets America Dog Harness – Leash Included; Reflective, Adjustable Harness With Handle. No-Choke, No-Slip. Excellent for Training, Walking, Hiking. No-Pull Effect.

The Adjustable Reflective No-Pull Effect Dog Harness That Dogs Will Absolutely Love Is Here to Stay!

The My Pets America dog harness is the perfect choice for medium or large dogs. Unlike most harnesses, it is completely adjustable and easy to manage, with sizes as per dimensions SMALL: chest 17.7 to 22 inch and neck 15.8 to 19 inch, MEDIUM: chest 20 to 25 inches and neck 17.7 inch to 21.2 inch, LARGE: chest 24.8 to 33 inch and neck 21.2 inch to 27.5 XtraLARGE chest 28.3 to 36.2 inch and neck 23.6 to 29 inch

The Reflective element of design will keep your dog safe even during those early morning walks, or during darker evenings

Using dog collar may cause respiratory problems or even lead to more serious injuries like a collapsed trachea. The anti pull dog harness and leash system is designed so that when a dog is on a leash and it pulls, the dog harness spreads out the pressure preventing him/her from choking and hurting the throat.

Looking for the perfect dog harness for any medium or large dog breed? The dog leash and harness system is the best solution for your best friend, for all dog breeds

    With My Pets America no-choke dog harness, you will keep your pooch safe and comfortable:

  • Designed to eliminate pressure and effectively prevent potential neck injuries
  • Easy to use even for car rides by slipping the seat belt through the handle.
  • Sponge filling keeps your dog perfectly comfy
  • Reflective design keeping your best friend safe during the dark
  • The harness is made from well-chosen durable materials
  • You get a complete, high quality system, with a reliable pull-back handle and stylish 78-inch dog leash included

Don’t miss out on a product that will make your dog truly feel like a best friend! Click and buy this great quality dog harness and leash

The adjustable no-pull effect dog harness also comes with the My Pets America Logo, proof of the highest level quality craftsmanship.


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