Petrainer IS-PET852 Anti Bark Electric Collar for Small or Medium Dogs Collar 6″to30″ long

Product Features

  • Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing
  • 2 training modes: beeper and static shock
  • 7 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively
  • The collar turns into 1-minute-automatic protection mode after 7 times consecutive working
  • Adjustable leather leash from 6

Product Description

Product Description: There are a total of 7 levels of correction that will be triggered by your dog’s successive barks. Each successive bark will increase the correction level if the bark is within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark for at least 30 seconds the collar will reset itself. As a built-in safety feature, if the correction reaches the seventh level, the collar will shut off automatically for approximately 1 minute. For level 1~3, only warning tones will be issued; for level 4~7, warning tones are issued first and static shocks will ensue. By pushing the button + button or – button, you can adjust the collar’s sensitivity to your dog’s bark and the environment in which your dog lives. Push + button to increase sensitivity and push – button to decrease sensitivity. Anti Bark Collar Features: 1. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity with blowing method 2. Sensitivity is adjustable by gear to find a suitable sensitivity depending

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