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RainDog Coat | Hefty Waterproof Nylon Dog Raincoat with Adorable Hoodie to Keep Your Dog Dry, Perfect for Small Dog, Size S, Vibrant Red, 156.7

RainDog Coat(TM)

An animal expert says….
“If we want to understand the life of any animal, we need to know what things are meaningful to it.”
Small dogs, dogs who are elderly and chronically ill, or dogs with short fur and thin body type have a more difficult time generating and retaining enough body heat on their own. For these dogs, a little help keeping them dry and warm is always a good thing.

Why You Must Use RainDog Coat(TM)
– It will keep them dry and warm
– Comfortable for your dog to wear
– Finest nylon material
– The best dog raincoat on the market

Keep Your Furry Friend Dry and Warm in Cold Weather Day

You can keep your dog warm and away from wetness with RainDog Coat(TM). It covers most of their bodies, head, back, and their 4 legs. The waterproof nylon material is lightweight, sturdy, and breathable for supreme comfort, and stop rain drops from passing to inside perfectly. Plus, the elastic waist string is adjustable to fit your dog’s size. With this, you can enjoy walking with your dog on a cold weather or rainy day and make them look pretty much human.

What are you waiting for?
Get Yours Now! Keep your furry friend dry and warm with RainDog Coat(TM).

Material: Nylon
Weight: 4.6 ounces
Size :
XXS Body Length 8″-10″ ; Chest 12″-15″ ; Neck 9.5″
XS Body Length 10″-12″ ; Chest 15″-17″ ; Neck 11.5″
S Body Length 12″-14″ ; Chest 17″-21″ ; Neck 13.5″
M Body Length 14″-16″ ; Chest 21″-24″ ; Neck 15.5″
L Body Length 16″-19″ Chest 21″-28″ ; Neck 17.5″
XL Body Length 20″-23″ ; Chest 22″-31″ ; Neck 19.5″
XXL Body Length 23″-26″ ; Chest 25″-34″ ; Neck 21.5″
Color : Red

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